Your location status can be either active or inactive. When your location status is active your profile will be visible in search results and you'll be able to receive new booking requests. The opposite is true when your status is inactive.

Change Status to Inactive

You should only change your status to inactive if your business is permanently closing or if you are suspending operations. Once your status has been changed to inactive your profile won't be visible in results and you won't be able to receive any new booking requests at all. 

Inactive status should not be used if you only want to temporarily stop receiving new booking requests due to a vacation, being booked up, or similar situations. Instead, use your availability calendar to block the dates that you are unavailable. Your profile won't be shown in results for the dates that you have blocked.

Change Status to Active

At this time you are unable to make this change yourself. If you are a new supplier refer to our getting started guide. All other suppliers should contact Vendor Support to request that your location be made active.