This is a very common situation and the approach varies by the transportation company. The general rule of thumb is to always schedule conservatively. If you know the date of delivery but are unsure of the time you should schedule your moving help for the later afternoon or, if your situation allows, the following day. Never assume that your storage container or freight trailer will be delivered within the time window they quoted and always add a buffer between their expected delivery and when you schedule the movers.

When submitting a booking request, select the date and time that is the most likely to be correct. Contact your moving company after submitting the booking request and inform them of the situation, and continue to update them when more is known.

Portable Storage Container: Most portable storage container companies will provide you with an accurate date for delivery but will likely provide you with a four hour delivery window, the most common is 8am-12pm. In this situation your best scheduling option for our moving services is our 2pm-4pm or 3pm-5pm arrival window. Although less common, some storage companies may give an 8am-5pm delivery window. In this situation you should schedule your moving help for the following day.

'You Load, We Drive' Trucks: These services are typically much more difficult to estimate an accurate delivery date. Whenever possible you should obtain the contact information for the driver of your truck or trailer. The driver is the most accurate and reliable source of information, not dispatch. Most companies that provide these 28' moving trailers follow the same core rules: 1) Delivery timeframes are normally 3-5 days depending on the distance 2) They do not count the day the trailer is picked up, weekends or holidays.

It is important to remember that, when scheduling your moving help, you should choose a date and time that is after you expect your truck, trailer or container. In the event that your shipment is delayed we will do our best to reschedule your moving services to accommodate, however, reschedule requests are based on availability.