Your company profile may be visible or filtered in search results depending on the search parameters and the rules you've configured in your location settings. For instance, if you have a rule enabled that indicates you do not move upright pianos, and the search request has an upright piano, then your company will be filtered (not shown) in the results.

If you believe your company is not being displayed in results correctly you should troubleshoot your settings to determine why. As detailed below, result filtering is primarily based on your location settings. Specifically, your availability, rates, service rules and credentials.

Understanding Results Filters

A company may be filtered (or not filtered) based on either automatic or applied filters.

Automatic Filters

Automatic filters use dynamic data to determine which results should be shown and which should be filtered. These include:

  • Day of Service: The requested date conflicts with your availability rules.
  • Max Distance: The location where service is required exceeds your maximum distance setting

Applied Filters

Applied filters are used to update/refine results after the initial search has been completed. These include:

  • Crew Size: The request is for a crew size that you do not offer or have not set rates for
  • Minimum Hours: The request is for a lower number of hours than you require
  • Credentials: The request requires a specific credential type that you do not have associated with your account
  • Heavy Items: The request requires the movement of a heavy item and the search parameters do not meet your requirements
  • Equipment: The request requires the mover to provide specific equipment that you do not provide
  • Services: The request requires the mover to provide a specific service that you do not provide