This article discusses the best practices for providing supporting documentation if you experience a customer no show. To learn more about our no show policy refer to the Supplier Terms & Conditions.

In the event of a customer no show you are entitled to a no show fee (NSF) of up to $150 (less any processing fees). Whenever possible, this fee should be collected directly from the customer by your company. If you are unable to collect payment directly, and you provide us with supporting documentation, we will attempt to charge the customer for the NSF on your behalf.

What Is Considered A Customer No Show?

A number of situations can be considered a "Customer No Show", so to help clarify, we will identify some common trends.

  • The movers arrive on site and the customer is not there
  • The movers arrive on site and the customer sends them away for some reason (ie: double booked other movers, did the job themselves, found alternate help)
  • The movers arrive on-site and there are unsafe or unsanitary conditions
  • The customer cancels with less than 24 hours notice
  • The movers arrive on site and the truck or storage container will not arrive on time

Supporting Documentation

Submit to us all applicable forms of documentation within two days of a customer no show:

Phone/Email Correspondence

As detailed in our best practices for customer communication, we expect you to contact every customer before their move date. Provide screenshots of your call log and/or text messages, along with copies of any email correspondence.

Photo Evidence

If you arrived at the customer location and were unable to provide service take photos that verify your physical presence at the service location. This could be a photo of the work order with the address of the location in view or similar.

 If the NSF is being applied due to a hazardous situation you should take photos to detail the hazard as well.

Signed Work Order

If you arrived at the customer location and were unable to provide service attempt to have the customer sign the work order stating that services were not provided and, if possible, the reason why. If the customer is not available, ask anyone in the general vicinity to provide a signature stating that you were on-site. It will be important to inform this person that their signature is only a means of verification that you were at the service location.