As a vendor you will submit documentation to us often. A notable example is a copy of every completed work order. However, simply submitting documentation may not be sufficient, as we can only accept high quality files. This article details the requirements of a high quality file, and offers tips for improving the quality of your documents or photos before you submit them.

High Quality Guidelines

You may submit files as a document or image format, so long as you follow these quality guidelines.

  • File must be complete, not cut off or missing any portion of the page(s)
  • All text and signatures must be clear and legible
  • The document must be flat. Portions of the page should not be curved, folded or crumpled
  • If submitting a document format we highly recommend PDF

Improving File Quality

The majority of vendors prefer to use the camera on their phone to take a picture of the documentation. Often times, however, images snapped with a camera phone will not meet our high quality requirements. Luckily, there are many mobile apps that solve this problem and we encourage you to use them. Our two favorite apps are:

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