By taking photos of your work while on the job, you can show the customer the quality of your work and provide yourself with a record of what was done. Here are some reasons why you should be taking photos of your work:

  1. Showcase Your Experience: Photos help to showcase the quality of your work and provide the customer with a visual representation of what was done on the job. Photos can also help demonstrate how a job was completed, which can be helpful if there are any disputes about the property's condition once the move is completed.
  2. Strengthen Your Professionalism: Taking photos and sharing them with your customer can help show your professionalism and dedication to the job. This can help build trust and create a positive customer experience.
  3. Photos Provide Documentation: Photos provide tangible proof of the services you've provided and documentation of the work done for you and the customer.
  4. Receive Positive Reviews: Sharing photos with your customer can help them remember their positive experience. This can lead to more positive reviews, which can help you to attract more customers.

By taking photos of your work, you can help ensure that the customer is satisfied with the job and that you have a record of the work done.

How to Upload Job Photos

When viewing an order in the supplier portal, the upload panel will be visible starting on the move date. Click the input to bring up your file manager and select the images you want to upload. You can submit up to 10 images.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to upload the completed paperwork!

Approval Process

Our staff reviews the images you upload before they are visible to the customer. Once approved, the customer can view the job photos in their request summary.