The travel charge is the total fee calculated by our system to compensate you for travel to/from the customer's location. The travel charge represents the combined total of your calculated travel fee and surcharge settings.

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Settings are location specific. If you have multiple locations associated with your account you can configure the settings for each independently of the others.

Travel Fee

The core component of the travel charge, these settings are meant to help you cover expenses associated with driving to/from the customer's location. You have the ability to configure these settings based on per mile or flat rate methodology.

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Ordinary parking expenses should be factored into your travel fee settings. For locations that regularly incur extraordinary parking expenses, such as in Manhattan or during special events, refer to parking obligations for additional options.


A surcharge allows you to set an additional fee for specific zip codes. This feature is ideal if a segment of your service area has a higher cost of servicing, such as tolls and ferries. We designed the surcharge feature to allow you to target specific zip codes without impacting areas that don't cost more to service.

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