Surcharges are designed to add a fee to specific zip codes. When a surcharge is applicable it will be added to your travel fee. The combined surcharge and travel fee total are displayed on our work order as a single fee, the travel charge.

To begin configuring, go to your Location Settings

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Select Existing or Add New

If you want to edit an existing surcharge you will select it from the dropdown. To add a new surcharge select Add New Surcharge

Give it a Name

Title your surcharge something specific, especially if you have multiple. Only you can see the name, it is not displayed publicly.


Enter the amount of the surcharge. You can only enter one amount per surcharge. Click save. 

Add Zip Codes

Whether you are adding a new surcharge or editing an existing one, you can add your zip codes here. You can enter multiple zip codes, just separate them by a comma. Remember, the purpose of a surcharge is to target a very specific area so make sure you only enter zip codes that are in that area.

 Get zip codes in a specific city or county or all zip codes within a radius of a set location.

Zip Code Summary

This table will display the zip codes that are currently associated with the surcharge. You can remove a zip code by clicking the red X.

Testing Your Settings

Once you've configured the various settings you can test the results using our travel charge calculator (back under the Travel Fee section). Simply enter a local zip code and you will see the total travel charge that is being calculated based on your settings.

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