Your location profile can be found on the first tab in your location settings. Our system uses this data for a number of critical functions, which we have detailed below.

Who to Contact

For each location you can designate a primary and secondary contact person, as well as how they can be contacted. Email notifications for all system emails will be sent to the email addresses provided here. Simply put, this information tells us who we should contact at this location, and how we should contact them.

Accurate Contact Details: Effective customer communication is very important. After you accept a booking request the customer is provided with the contact information in this profile. Make sure the contact names and phone numbers are always up-to-date!

Where you are Located

The address provided is what we use to determine where you are so we can include you in our results when a customer is looking for service in your area. The distance to/from a customer location and the travel charge we calculate is based on the address listed here. Therefore, the address listed should be the actual location that your movers dispatch from.