A booking request will become a scheduled reservation immediately upon acceptance by you. You will have 24 hours to to accept or decline the request before it will expire. Keep in mind that not responding, as well as declining a request, are tracked and may impact your account negatively.

Your response rate (how quickly you respond) is tracked and recorded. In the near future we will display your response rate on your profile and in search results, so it's important to respond to requests quickly.

Booking Request Details

Booking requests are different than our previous availability process. When reviewing a new booking request you should pay close attention to these differences:

  • Customer Information: We now give you the customer contact information before you respond to the request. We want you to be able to ask questions about the request or discuss alternate availability before accepting or declining
  • Minimum Hours: The customer may proactively schedule as many hours as they choose, so the minimum hours could be higher than the 2/3 hour minimums you are used to
  • Heavy Items: A request may have heavy items. If it does, your service rules will require the customer to select a specific number of movers, pay a fee, or both
  • Hourly Rates: The rates are based on your mover rate settings
  • Additional Fees: If the request includes item(s) that require a fee you will see them listed in the rate breakdown

Can I Give Alternate Availability Instead of Declining?

Yes! We encourage you to contact the customer directly and offer alternate availability if you are unable to accept the booking request as-is. If the customer agrees to the alternate availability:

  • Minor Changes: You can simply accept the request as-is and make the changes manually on the PDF work order
  • Major Changes: Ask the customer to withdraw their current request, then submit a new one with the agreed upon changes
A process to handle modifications, both to booking requests and reservations, is in development.

Am I Penalized for Declining A Request?

At the current time we are not penalizing you for declining a request. Once advanced availability settings are introduced, however, a formal policy will be enacted. That policy will define how many decline's is considered unacceptable and what, if any, penalties will be enforced.

Keep in mind that we consider consistent declines (or failing to respond) a performance issue and may take corrective action if we determine it is necessary.

Am I Penalized for Not Responding To A Request?

At the current time we are not penalizing you for failing to respond to a request. Unlike a decline, however, there aren't many acceptable reasons for failing to respond to a request. A formal policy will eventually be enacted.