In the Supplier Portal you can easily manage all of your business credentials. This article will help you with adding a new credential or updating an existing one.

Manage Your Credentials

You can view your credentials in Settings > Credentials.

You can update any credential despite the status it is in, simply edit the data and upload a new document, then click the "save" icon again. If you want to delete a credential, it will delete the document and remove all associated information. Alternatively, you can delete the document only by clicking 'delete document'.

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Upload a Credential Document

Be sure to upload your document under the correct credential.

Add Details

Enter the required information, which can usually be found on the credential itself.

Save & Submit

Once you've entered the required information simply click the save icon. This will update the status to pending and the credential will be added to our queue for official review.

If you are unable to add a credential online you can submit it another way.

The Review Process

We review every submitted credential for accuracy and authenticity. When a new or update credential is submitted to us it will be added to our queue for staff review. You will receive an email notification once it has been approved or rejected.

If the credential is rejected we will inform you of the reason why. Once the issue has been resolved you can resubmit the credential the same way you would update an existing one.