A credential that has been rejected will always be accompanied by a reason why. This article provides more detail for the most common reasons.

 When you're ready you can resubmit a rejected credential for approval.

Evidence is Required

A valid, legible copy of the credential must be uploaded for review. We will reject a credential if the document provided is incorrect, expired or not applicable.

 When submitting insurance you must provide the ACORD certificate, not the policy declaration.

Incorrect Classification

You must select the credential that matches the documentation provided. For example, a state name registration document cannot be uploaded as a city business license.

Credential Not Required

If a specific credential is not required in your area then you do not need to submit anything. Actually having a valid credential is not the same as a credential not being required. If you submit a credential stating, "Not required in my area" we will reject it since you don't actually have that credential.