We use your address to determine your service area, travel charge, and if you require a two or three-hour minimum. To ensure that we are respecting your settings and calculating your rates accurately we take steps to validate and verify your address. This process is typically seamless but there are times when we don't recognize the address you have provided, and this article will help you troubleshoot those situations.

Address Suggestion

A suggested address prompt is very common, and oftentimes is intended to standardize the address format. You can expect to see a suggestion if you used all lowercase letters, spelled "Drive" instead of abbreviating to "Dr", or if you had minor typos.

If the address we suggest is the same one you entered but formatted differently you should accept the suggestion. You can ignore the suggestion and keep what you entered by clicking 'continue with the address entered'.

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Address is Unknown

The most common reason that this occurs is when the city, state, and/or zip code is not what we expect them to be. For example, if you were to enter Tampa, FL 27703 you would absolutely be prompted with this message. But chances are that you know what your address is, and this is primarily in place to prevent typos from messing up your account. There are also rare occasions where a valid address cannot be found or verified, and it most often occurs when the address is brand new.

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The simplest method of resolving this message is to correct or change the address. However, if you are absolutely certain that the address is valid and has been entered correctly you are still able to save it, which will require moderation from Vendor Support. This typically doesn't take very long, but your location will be temporarily inactive (unable to receive new requests) until the address has been reviewed.

We know that it is frustrating to be informed that the information you provided isn't accurate, especially when you know that it is. But it is important to remember that this process is in place to protect your account and to make sure that the requests you receive are within your service area and at the rates you have set.