Typically, you'll collect payment from the customer once the move is finished. However, you won't collect payment from the customer for "Do Not Bill" (DNB) jobs. In this case, you will complete and submit the required paperwork to us, and we will pay you directly by direct deposit (ACH), check, or credit card, depending on your preferred method of payment.

Payment Methods

Available payment methods are detailed below. denotes that the document is required.

ACH Form
Credit Card
1 business day (or less)

Direct Deposit (ACH)
1-3 business days

5-7 business days

If you elect to be paid by direct deposit or check, you must complete IRS Form W9 before payment can be released. You must also complete the ACH Form to be paid by direct deposit.

There is no option to set credit card as your preferred payment method. Please get in touch with Vendor Support to let them know that you want to be paid by credit card.