If your question pertains to collecting the balance due from a customer you should refer to: Collecting Payment

Follow the instructions below if MLC has informed you that a payment is pending for your account.

Step 1: A W9 Is Required

You must have an IRS Form W9 on file before any payment can be issued to you.

Step 2: Select Payment Method

You can choose to receive payment by ACH (direct deposit) or check.

Direct Deposit

You may elect to be paid by direct deposit by completing our e-sign direct deposit form.


Verify that your mailing address is accurate. You can view and update your mailing address by logging into the Supplier Portal and selecting Account from the main menu. The address shown in your account settings is your mailing address.

Verify or Update Existing Information

At anytime you can review the W9 and EFT currently attached to your account by navigating to My Locations  Credentials. You can change this information by following the steps above and submitting new documentation.