On MovingLabor.com, most moves require the mover to collect payment from the customer when the job is complete. However, in a "Do Not Bill" (DNB) job, the mover does not collect payment from the customer. Instead, the moving company is responsible for completing the necessary paperwork and getting the customer's signature. The completed paperwork must then be uploaded to the vendor portal. Once the required documents are received, MovingLabor.com will charge the customer and pay the moving company directly.

Identifying a DNB Job

When viewing the details of a move, those that are DNB will display an alert along with instructions.

Completing Paperwork for a DNB Job

It is the mover's responsibility to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and correctly. Paperwork must be signed by the customer and should include details such as the total time worked, any additional charges, and the total amount due.

Submitting Completed Paperwork

To upload your documents, go to the vendor portal. Once you're on the move details page, you'll find options to upload your paperwork and job photos.

Receiving Payment for DNB Jobs

You have the option to receive payment through direct deposit (ACH), check, or credit card. If you choose direct deposit or check, you must first submit an IRS Form W9 before we can release payment.

We aim to release vendor payments within one business day. However, the speed at which we can process a vendor payment largely depends on the mover. To help you receive payment as quickly as possible, we have provided some valuable tips:

  1. Ensure all completed paperwork includes crucial job details, including the hours worked. Additionally, it is necessary to obtain the customer's signature on the paperwork.
  2. Upload paperwork for each move as soon as possible.
  3. To receive payment via direct deposit or check, please view your uploaded credentials and make sure that you have submitted an IRS Form W9.
  4. If you choose to receive payment via direct deposit, please confirm that the banking information on file is accurate. If it is not, please submit a new ACH form.