If you've already accepted a move and realize at least one full business day before the move's start time that you are unable to service the move as scheduled, you must notify Vendor Support immediately.

If you notify us with less than 24 hours before the move's start time, or if you don't notify us at all, it is considered a no show.

Canceling a move after acceptance is a serious matter that adversely affects your customer, and negatively impacts customer confidence in MovingLabor.com. It is for these reasons that your account may be penalized, suspended or deactivated as a result.

 Pro Tip: If an issue arises and you can agree on an alternate date or time with the customer, and you fully abide by the new agreement, then your account will not be penalized. Don't forget to inform MovingLabor.com of the changes so we can update the reservation.

Effect On Your Account

In most cases, you can limit the overall effect on your account by providing as much notice as possible. Doing so increases the likelihood that we can rebook the customer with another mover.

Any penalties imposed will be applied on a case-by-case basis, and can include one or more of the items listed below.

  • Performance scores and quality rating could be negatively impacted. There are major factors in determining how your company ranks in our search results
  • If the customer cannot be rebooked with another mover, or if the customer decides to cancel instead of being rebooked, you must reimburse MovingLabor.com the deposit amount that was refunded to the customer, plus any processing fees.
  • If the customer can be rebooked with another mover, and their minimum rate exceeds yours, you must reimburse MovingLabor.com for the full amount of the difference plus any processing fees.
  • If fees are owed we may suspend your account until we have been fully reimbursed plus any processing fees.
  • If we determine that you have a history of canceling reserved moves we may deactivate your account indefinitely. Revenue loss may be added to your account plus any processing fees.