Article for Customers: What if My Mover Doesn't Show Up?

Not showing up for a reserved move is a serious matter that adversely affects your customer, and negatively impacts customer trust and confidence in We take no shows very seriously, and your account may be penalized, suspended or deactivated as a result of a no show.

What Is Considered A No Show?

A no show is when your customer reports that no one showed up on their reserved date and time. Or if you are extremely late and the customer decides to cancel their reservation.

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How Can I Avoid A No Show?

We understand that unavoidable situations may arise which could result in being unable to service a customer's reservation. The most important thing for you to do is to communicate the issue to both the customer and

 Pro Tip: If an issue arises and you can agree on an alternate date or time with the customer, and you fully abide by the new agreement, then your account will not be penalized. Don't forget to inform of the changes so we can update the reservation.

Am I Penalized for A No Show?

If we determine that you failed to show up for a reserved move your account will be penalized. Any penalties imposed will be applied on a case-by-case basis, and can include one or more of the items listed below.

  • A no show will impact your quality rating and is a major factor in determining how your company ranks in our search results
  • No Shows are visible to potential customers on your company profile
  • You must reimburse the deposit amount that was refunded to the customer
  • Vendor Support will immediately open an investigation, and your account will be suspended until the investigation has been completed
  • If we decide to reinstate your account, but fees are still owed, the account will remain suspended until we have been fully reimbursed
  • If we decide not to reinstate your account it will be deactivated indefinitely