This article is about pending booking requests. To modify a reservation (an accepted booking request) refer to Modify or Reschedule.

At this time there is no way to modify a booking request once it has been submitted. You can, however, workaround this using one of the methods detailed below.

Agree Upon Changes Verbally

We encourage you to contact the movers directly and communicate the modifications you need. Minor changes, such as the arrival window or date of service, can typically be agreed upon verbally and do not require an update in our system. This is an especially useful tactic if the mover you've selected does not have the date/time requested but you have agreed on alternate availability.

Withdraw the Request and Submit Again

For more complicated changes, notably those that will change the rate, we recommend cancelling the booking request and submitting a new one. We encourage you to communicate your intention to the mover directly so they know to expect a new booking request with the updated information.