Released on 8/13/2019

Your calendar feed allows you to view your calendar on other, external calendars that you use. This feature is especially helpful if you manage your schedule from a single calendar, like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo, etc.

Helpful Tips

  • Your external calendar will update when there is new or changed information. However, the refresh rate of the feed varies based on your calendar type (15 minutes to 24 hours)
  • The feed is read-only. This means that you cannot edit or add new events from the external calendar

What Will My Calendar Feed Show?

Your calendar feed will show the same events as your availability calendar. This includes booking requests and reservations, as well as blocked dates or times. We always email you directly when there is an update, so you can remove/disable the calendar notifications to prevent confusion if needed. 

Event Notifications

Your feed will update as soon as a Booking Request record changes. The change will most often be a status change (ie: the status changed from Accepted to Unconfirmed to Confirmed). Since you get email notifications for these status changes, we want you to be aware that you can disable or remove the calendar notifications to prevent confusion. 

Setting Up Your Calendar Feed

Each location will have an independent calendar feed. If your account has multiple locations then you will want to set up a calendar feed for each one.

  1. Navigate to the Availability section in your location profile
  2. Copy the calendar feed URL (also known as 'iCal feed')
  3. Open your external calendar. For example, Google Calendar
  4. Add or subscribe to a new calendar from URL (instructions for specific calendars are below)

 Calendar feed instructions: Google Calendar, Apple/Mac, iCloud, Microsoft/Outlook, Yahoo