To begin configuring your travel fee settings you should first login to your supplier account. Then navigate to the Travel Fees tab.

General Settings

This option allows you to globally set the maximum distance you are willing to travel to the move location.

Example: You've configured this setting as 30 miles. As long as the customer's location is less than 30 miles from your location you will show in our results. If the customer's location is further than 30 miles you will be excluded from the results.

Method of Calculation

Our system allows you to choose from two calculation methods: flat rate or per mile. You should choose the method that works best for your business and location.

The amount calculated is based on one-way mileage, not round trip. Example: The customer location is 20 miles from you, so the amount calculated will be based on 20 miles, not 40 miles.

Flat Rate Method

With the flat rate method, you can set a fee for mileage ranges, such as 0-15 miles, 15-25 miles and so on. The primary benefit of this method is the predictability of the fee amount.

Your max distance setting will supersede your flat fee settings. Therefore, if you have a fee for the 100-150 mile range, but your max distance is set at 100 miles, you will not be shown in results beyond 100 miles.

Example: You have a $150 fee for 150-200 miles but you left 200-250 miles as No Travel Fee. If your max distance is greater than 200 miles then the 200-250 mile range will inherit the last fee that was set. In the image above that would be $150.

Per Mile Method

With the per mile method, you can set a fee amount that applies per mile. You can also set a threshold for when the fee should begin calculating.

You also have the ability to configure an automatic discount to your travel fee during the offseason. Most years the offseason is defined in our system as October 15th - March 15th, but you can verify this by hovering over the tooltip icon.

Example: Using the settings shown above, a $1.50 per mile fee would be calculated beginning on the 2nd mile. Since a discount percent has not been entered for the offseason, the same amount would be calculated in both the peak and off-season.

Testing Your Settings

Once you've configured the various settings you can test the results using our travel charge calculator. Simply enter a local zip code and you will see the total travel charge that is being calculated based on your settings.