We’re glad you asked! Performance violations occur when one or more of our policies are not complied with. When performance violations become a trend, or result in a loss of revenue, the amount lost will be added to your account as a credit owed (plus any processing fees).

 Repeat policy violation offenders are subject to incur additional fees for violating policies.

Below is a list of the typical performance reasons for violations:

  • Inaccurate Settings
  • Abnormal Response Rate
  • Communication Issue
  • Billing Issue
  • Incorrect Crew Size
  • No Paperwork
  • Outsourcing/Direct Booking
  • Late (Showed Up)
  • Unable to Service
  • No Show

We understand that some circumstances are out of your control, but often times violations marked against your account are preventable. We want to help you be successful, so follow these best practices to prevent performance violations:

Still have questions? Contact Vendor Support for more information.