’s goal of the search ranking algorithm is to help customers find a moving company that will efficiently suit their labor needs. In order to achieve this, we look at multiple factors associated with every booking that comes through. But don’t you worry- we understand circumstances can happen, so you don’t have to perform perfectly in order to still rank high in results for our customers.

To help you better understand how our algorithm works, the following factors will impact your ranking the most:

Your Performance on

We look at factors such as response times, acceptance rates, upholding good communication with MLC, keeping all of your account settings up to date, your performance scores, and more.

Customer’s Experience

We look at factors that affect the customer’s experience from the moment that they search for movers right up through when the move has been completed. This includes ensuring rates are competitive, responding within a timely manner, communication with the customer, customer reviews, the distance the movers are from the customer, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about these factors, we’ve broken them down into more detail for you below.

Factors You Can Control

Factors such as the distance you are from the customer’s location are out of your control, but don’t fret- just because you’re far away, doesn’t mean you will rank the lowest. There are many factors you can control, so we’ll break them down for you here:

Account Settings

Accuracy of settings will boost your ranking

Keep your settings up to date to minimize the amount of declined jobs due to inaccurate settings. This goes for rates, fees, service radius, availability, etc… You have access to the Vendor Portal 24/7, so you can update your settings anytime.


Upholding open lines of communication with the Customer and MLC will boost your ranking

Customers want to feel kept in the loop in all situations. Make sure your phone number and email address listed with us is always accurate so that MLC and the customers can reach you. 

Understanding Our Processes

Factors like Response times and Acceptance rates play a big part in your ranking, and we want you to understand why. Some are due to how our processes work, so we will help explain:

Acceptance Rate

Fewer declined jobs will boost your ranking 

Declining a job means a loss of revenue for, which is why your acceptance rates play a big part in your ranking. We don’t want to lose money that the customer was already willing to pay us. 

Response Times

Fast response times will boost your ranking 

The longer you take, the more likely the customer is looking elsewhere for services and ends up withdrawing their request, resulting in loss of revenue for MLC. 

Understanding the Customer’s Experience

Many factors are involved with the customer's experience from the time they search for movers, through the reservation process, right up until they are serviced. We will explain some of the important factors we look at that may affect your ranking:


Keeping your rates competitive will boost your ranking

Price is one of the big decision factors that customers look at when comparing movers, so it’s important to set a competitive price within your market. This also means keeping your prices the same across all marketplaces, if you’re listed on more than just MLC. 


Response times and communication with the customer will boost your ranking

Respond to booking requests promptly to ensure the customer does not get impatient and withdraw their request. It’s reassuring to customers when you provide confirmation calls, and call when in route to their location, resulting in a more positive experience.


Positive reviews will boost your ranking

Reviews are another big deciding factor for customers choosing which company they want to service them. Ensure you respond to reviews, especially the ones you do not agree with so that future customers can see your point of view. 


Distance you are from the customer’s location boosts your ranking

As mentioned before, this is a small factor in the ranking results, so just because you’re far away does not necessarily mean you will be at the bottom of the search results. We take this into consideration because the further you are, the further you have to drive, thus increasing the risk of traffic and delays, which we want to try to prevent to ensure a smooth and positive experience for our customers.

Visibility in Search

Although not specifically a part of search ranking, part of performing well in search is being eligible and visible for searches in your market. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Maximum Distance

Your maximum distance settings will affect whether or not you show up in results. 

2-hour minimum threshold

This affects whether a customer can book a 2-hour minimum with your company or not, based on the distance they are from your location. If this radius is low, you may receive fewer requests. 

Services Offered Settings

The Services settings are robust and will affect whether or not you show up in results if a customer is needing a specific service. Ensure your settings are accurate so that you're not missing any jobs due to incorrect settings.